10 Times Ronaldinho Impressed The World
10 times when the Brazil, Barcelona & AC Milan legend Ronaldinho Gaucho impressed the whole football world

  • muhamad habibi
    muhamad habibi

    When dive never axist,..

  • Alejandro Rocco
    Alejandro Rocco

    Realmente fantástico..!!

  • Umeed Thapa
    Umeed Thapa

    If you ask me Dinho is the GOAT, period!

  • Sanjay Rao
    Sanjay Rao

    The fuck is that bg

  • petrokemikal

    Yo can tell Ronaldo was hugely influenced by this Man..

  • etabeta123

    UN MOSTRO!!!

  • Morteza Ettehad
    Morteza Ettehad

    a bunch of weak forwards in front of poet of football

  • GetGoodAtBedwars

    I feel like he’s impressed the world much more than 10 times.

  • Csaba Fedics
    Csaba Fedics

    a legnagyobbbbbb..

  • Alberto Montano
    Alberto Montano

    He was born with the gift of playing the beautiful game and making it even more beautiful

  • Kennet Mcnair
    Kennet Mcnair

    How why where n this man isn't the greatest of all time

  • player 1
    player 1


  • Syung Parks
    Syung Parks

    Falto la canción de "joga Bonito" y queda perfecto

  • kls

    Fico feliz de ter visto ele jogar no auge dele, e triste em saber q n teremos jogadores como ele foi, pirlo, e etc

  • Marko

    Surely the best offensive player of all time...

  • John Mark Acma
    John Mark Acma

    I love the sound of the ball its satisfying

  • صابر الشعبي
    صابر الشعبي

    لم أرى لاعب مثلة قط

  • Charlie Sergeant
    Charlie Sergeant

    The best Ronnie was in Barcelona, by far

  • Gremlinsro

    The best man show on the world is on Barcelona not on AC Milan ...

  • André Luis Mansano
    André Luis Mansano

    Ronaldinho was one of the best players I've ever seen. Besides that he won a World Cup , which is not easy for some stars.


    Como assim 10 times? O Ronaldinho já jogou contra vários times Procure se informar antes de falar abobrinha

  • Emek10

    Unbelievable vision and accuracy!

  • Jake Dixon
    Jake Dixon

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  • Syed Kaif T
    Syed Kaif T

    The one and only successful player who has both the skills as messi and ronaldo

  • Mr Legendary FIFA21
    Mr Legendary FIFA21

    Why 80¿?

    • Neo Void
      Neo Void

      Seedorf was wearing the number 10.

  • Cường Trần
    Cường Trần

    This guy is an artist

  • rems so
    rems so

    C'était un crack ce Ronaldinho 🔥

  • crazzy i am
    crazzy i am

    Sorry for people who just click on this video by seeing girl on thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Flávio Ponte
    Flávio Ponte

    Ronaldo fenómeno was a very good player, Messi, Ronaldo cr7 also. But this guy was just on another level.

  • Alvi

    Watching Ronaldinho playing, suddenly one thing came to my head and is the reason why this man was never considered the best football player of all times. Even much better than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo together. That man is(or was)a real magician in the field. Again, the reasons why?, maybe I'll never know.

  • Conta Para apps e filmes
    Conta Para apps e filmes

    Se for pra cima toma drible, se deixar toma cruzamento... literalmente isso. Grande bruxo

  • Panuwat Chongyoo
    Panuwat Chongyoo

    he plays like he has eyes on his feet.

  • Robert Persson
    Robert Persson

    living in the US we never got to see this guy and all the other stars, suks

  • Rosa Moreno
    Rosa Moreno

    I’ve never seen anyone take the ball away from him

  • Ramauld Ramharack
    Ramauld Ramharack


  • VanzyPub G?
    VanzyPub G?

    Remember when Ronaldinho missed that world cup penalty and the world went into a windows blue screen mode?

  • Bitupan Deka
    Bitupan Deka

    Ronaldinho the king

  • Emiliano Ressia
    Emiliano Ressia


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  • Dmitri Borodako & Co
    Dmitri Borodako & Co

    who is ronaldo?

  • الفديع آل محمد  القحطاني
    الفديع آل محمد القحطاني


  • 3 Planet to save 1 planet
    3 Planet to save 1 planet

    I feel bad for him now..

  • Alisson Gabriel
    Alisson Gabriel

    For us Brazilians he is the king of dribbling. Pele he is the king of football.


    Skurwsyny się patrzą co to za bandit fura

  • amrit bhattarai
    amrit bhattarai

    Particular reason why the thumbnail has Ronaldinho and a random hot reporter?

  • 005  Vicky official
    005 Vicky official

    Waiting for the kind hearted person who can actually support always from his heart and soul .Take my love❤💚💙💗💛💗

  • Muhammad Zubair Roslan
    Muhammad Zubair Roslan


  • Muhammad Zubair Roslan
    Muhammad Zubair Roslan

    aku minat dia tau

  • Muhammad Zubair Roslan
    Muhammad Zubair Roslan

    power la ronaldinho

  • Angustia

    Ronaldinho y 10 mas

  • peace Fighter 🥋
    peace Fighter 🥋

    The best player ever.unfortunately he finished himself early .

  • Dudu

    G O A T 🐐

  • Alejandro Seetal
    Alejandro Seetal

    This man literally just glides with the ball at his feet. People talk about how messi sticks with the ball. But this man deadass fucking just morphed it into his feet

  • عـلـي  ✪
    عـلـي ✪

    افضل لاعب كان رادينو

  • ACE xFireFist
    ACE xFireFist

    These Through balls were amazing ✨

  • Giovanski Parrisqui
    Giovanski Parrisqui

    genial un capo mistico

  • 7draf.

    His fake passport was magical too

  • Jesús David(JD).
    Jesús David(JD).

    Mejor que CR7...Y por mucho.

  • Haqi Haqi
    Haqi Haqi

    God please. Combine pure talent (ronaldinho) with hardwork (cristiano).

  • Greenwastaken


  • Gisell Ferrer
    Gisell Ferrer

    friend the pass is nasheee

  • Juareis FF
    Juareis FF

    itmores.info/player/video/zXN3zaOgp75qoJs v esse vídeo ai nmrl

  • Ulises Jimón
    Ulises Jimón

    I was then just a kid then. And even at that age I remember how I fell in love with football just for watching this man doing magic at AC Milan, since then one of my dreams was to see him live making a goal, well, life sometimes prizes you, because somehow he ended playing in México a couple of years ago, and I had one of the best days ever when he scored a free kick against my team. Not even a soul at the stadium was able to be pissed with Dhino's goal, everyone enjoyed it as if it was ours. What I want to say is: This man was definetly not from this world. He is Sir Football himself.

  • The Highlighter
    The Highlighter

    2021. still THE BEST OF THE BEST

  • kaejolie

    Great passer, dribbler, scorer, freestyler, entertainer....what more could one ask from a football player. Ronaldinho carved his name as one of the top football players who ever touched the ball.

  • Karol Zapalski
    Karol Zapalski

    My mówicie że Josef Bratan to Złomek, a patrzcie jakie piękne akcje robił. Tylko jeszcze wtedy był bez swoich jedynek

  • Afak Officiall
    Afak Officiall

    Gerçek bir efsane❤




    Best player in the world

  • Louieisameme

    That was way more than 10

  • Beautiful places
    Beautiful places


  • -FejZu -
    -FejZu -

    Josef Bratan to nawet nie jest on

  • Julio García Esteban
    Julio García Esteban

    Este se mete

  • Ramazan Kaşıkçı
    Ramazan Kaşıkçı

    Bence sen her zaman en iyisi olarak kalacaksın👍

  • Solomon Johnson
    Solomon Johnson

    Those days football was sweet 😇

  • Cx _ko
    Cx _ko

    So many great assists ruined by forwards who couldn't put the ball in the net

  • Migue Lito
    Migue Lito

    Is this channel ACMilan fan? xD

  • giovanna

    brazilian magic

  • L M
    L M

    Doing trick the best

  • Akmal Layy
    Akmal Layy

    He is Maestro Midfield ❤️

  • Sandino Lopez
    Sandino Lopez

    joga bonito brazuca

  • Juggernaut D
    Juggernaut D

    Inventor of the no look pass

  • julius

    Respeita a lenda porr@ o cara e um mito.

  • tutuzinho gamer
    tutuzinho gamer

    Hahaha boas vindas de Rio grande do Sul Brasil Ronaldinho gaúcho

  • Dravydra 30
    Dravydra 30

    Watching him makes today's football look boring af.

  • Safina

    Ronaldinho deserves a Nobel Prize for the best technical, creative and a global health magnificent 🤣happiness provider of all centuries. He is a genius. God Bless You Ronaldinho, & Thanks.

  • Shinobu Hell's Kitchen FR
    Shinobu Hell's Kitchen FR

    Just foot and applause, great combo!

  • Gig Neetesh√
    Gig Neetesh√

    Yeah! he had got such a brilliance tricks and moments. And also he had got a such phenomenon .

  • Ahmad Zain
    Ahmad Zain

    Im mesmerized by Pato's understanding of Ronaldinho

  • Dakota Valdes
    Dakota Valdes

    01:35 when the disrespectful fuk that threw his hands up like diñho did something wrong missed his own chance classic

  • Diogo Serrano
    Diogo Serrano

    The first time I wasn’t upset at a misleading title

  • Maria Artu
    Maria Artu

    Ronaldinho era craque em todas as jogadas

  • Ssstig2845

    Ronaldinosaur looks like Celly Cyclone

  • Junior Farias
    Junior Farias

    Lol gattuso looking like I was victim of that when he played for Barça

  • Просто Игрок
    Просто Игрок


  • Flagz666

    None of these is remotely comparable to all his plays in FC Barcelona.

  • JK Woosh
    JK Woosh

    Looks like every team his against the players are trying to kill him as in really trying to tackle or drop him This guy was a wizard on the pitch

  • يوميات واحد خارق العراقي
    يوميات واحد خارق العراقي

    كم عربي موجود ثبت نفسك بلايك♥️

  • cesar william carreno rey
    cesar william carreno rey

    Lejos el mejor de la historia

  • Carlos eduardo Alves pedrosa
    Carlos eduardo Alves pedrosa

    Se alguém falar que o Ronaldinho não jogou nada no Milan tá doente jogou de mais e era pra ter sido convocado em 2010 para o copa , mas o chibungo do Dunga neh fazer o que .